Our Capabilities

Media El is a digital media agency that offers Integrated Digital Media Solutions for companies, organizations and individuals.

Here in Media El we set tasks to research brand’s presence and its communication with the audience, then improve and scale it. We have experience with an online space, understand the behavior of the target audience and we know how to implement the best tactics using the variety of marketing tools. In this way, we develop a perfect bespoke strategy for company’s digital media penetration. Our customers need it to consolidate the presence of the company in the online environment, improve their business and communicate more with the target audience.


  • Digital Market Research and Analysis
  • Audience Profiling and Insights
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Channels of Communication
  • Target Groups Segmentation
Integrated Digital Media Strategy ready for the implementation

If you want to consolidate the presence of your company in the Internet and communicate better with the target audience, or if you aim to scale your business and enter new markets

― ― Strategy is essential for your business.


for your immersive visual communication.
Creative experience to highlight your business in the media, showcase your product, deliver your message with visual tools and gain audience attention.


If you have a new project, product or a company and want to have a strong and memorable brand on the market – reach us out!
Brand and Product Strategy
Differentiation and Positioning
Brand Communication Strategy
Brand Identity and Design
Brand Cooperation


With the help of latest advanced technology in the Internet and Social Media, we can take your communication with the audience to the next level and take the lead on a competitive market.
Social Media Marketing Content Marketing and Strategy Search Optimization and Advertising Influencer Marketing Digital Promotion E-mail Marketing Content Analysis


For business, non-profit, governmental or non-governmental organizations looking for executing social projects of a high impact.
Production, Support, Strategy and Management of social projects in digital media.

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